Daria is a non-binary feminist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a cofounder and software developer at AuriStor, Inc., where much of her time is currently spent working on platform integration and version management for the company's signature, enterprise-grade distributed file storage product. 

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Daria has spent most of her life near her childhood home, recently moving to New England. While well-known for her work in distributed computing and especially network file systems, she enjoys railroad photography, local history, recreational cycling, theatre, and sour beer. In her spare time, Daria volunteers with a variety of organizations with causes ranging from charitable to civic. 

Daria has been an invited speaker at CERN as well as a panelist, presenter and organizer at a number of conferences in the United States and Europe. She has previous experience in enterprise email systems and systems management.


Daria Phoebe Brashear
AuriStor, Inc.
255 W 94th St, 6B
New York, NY 10025